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Creative Ecology

for permaculture training.

Empowering people for creative action with fun, hands, hearts and minds.

The Green Apprenticeship

An intensive and inclusive one month practical training course for hands-on capacity building in natural construction, organic local food production, appropriate technologies, waste management, ecological design and community living.

Introduction to Permaculture Online Course

The new Introduction to Permaculture online course is based on the curriculum of our highly successful Green Apprenticeship program that has now more than 800 graduates from around the world. The lessons, materials and experience that have been developed over the past 20 years are now available for you to utilize from your own home.

Eco Experience

Become part of the Center for Creative Ecology team in this work and learning experience, helping in natural construction projects, organic gardening and maintenance of the Eco-Park. Flexible dates.

Education for sustainability in School

A Practical Teacher Training Workshop on Kibbutz Lotan

Sustainable Leadership

Enabling, activating and inspiring transformative action in the world

Building Jewish Sustainable Communities

A week-long practical workshop in eco-Judaism on Kibbutz Lotan

Building Sustainable Communities

Capacity Building

& Practical Training for International Development

Rent a Dome

If you are like to spend some time in these signature architecture energy efficient, mud domes and lived in our Eco Campus experience sustainable living and have fun you can rent a dome. 


Eco Campus



The organic gardens “The Gan Bayit” is the first successful vegetable garden in the Southern Arava desert where no pesticides, herbicides or industrial fertilisers are used. We successfully produce vegetables with brackish water by creating soil with a high nutrient and organic matter content from composting municipal and agricultural organic waste.


What people say about us

Kibbutz lotan echoes the past of Israel and vividly informs of the future! Walking toward work in the organic food gardens at dawn one feels sure of all purpose for good under heaven. There is no stillness like that in the Arava valley desert. To farm there is a very spiritual experience.
Blanche Lenine-cruz
It would be a shame to come to Israel and not visit Kibbutz Lotan. The Green Apprenticeship sustainable development and permaculture design course greatly influenced my personal and professional growth. Whether you are stopping by for a quick tour or staying for an extended period of time, Kibbutz Lotan is one of the those special places around the world that is a must see!
Joshua Zuckerman
I wanted to send a note of appreciation after our stay at Kibbutz Lotan. This expression of mere gratitude is quite inadequate when I reflect on the on the overall sense of personal enrichment my daughter and I experienced during our two week stay. So, where to begin? The Green Apprenticeship Program provided techniques and hands on experience which conveyed solutions to key issues facing the world in regard to sustainable solutions for food production and impacts on resources and environment but also connected us to knowledge that feels more rediscovered than learned; ideas and simplicity which marry the land with the stewards of the land. In this way students are not just inspired but also ‘re-connected’ with the earth. The lessons and hands-on experiences are not focused on dire warnings but instead employ a constructive, there is an answer, focus. It seems easy to take an academic shortcut and nurture the fieriness of youth without providing the well-rounded knowledge that is really needed to find real world solutions. The experts that imparted their skills constantly kept the discussions grounded on solutions that solve issues and are viable. “Show me the science” to claims about impending doom or demonized practices was a common occurrence. Point being, Kibbutz Lotan is about empowerment with skills and a methodology that allows graduates to “light a candle rather than curse the darkness”. My career spans building incredible once in a lifetime experiences with a travel company balanced with a decade within higher education focused on delivering learning outcomes. Kibbutz Lotan has created both a “wow” and an “I’m ready” program and again I thank them for allowing us to experience it. I’d recommend the Green Apprenticeship program to anyone who wants to immerse themselves into permaculture or actual environmental design practices. Students should be ready to leave with much more, including a sense of what it means to be part of the community and applying a methodology along with skills. All this occurs within the backdrop of the Israeli dessert, turned oasis, through a team of dedicated, passionate experts who walk the walk.
Brian Sayle
Higher Marketing and Product Development Expert

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