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Eco Education

Our programs are a synthesis of ecology and sustainable engineering focused on training participants to develop their homes, businesses and communities. The course attracts young adults who are interested in learning and passing on the values of local and organic food production, conservation, recycling, alternative construction, permaculture and their connection to contemporary living. Our Green Apprenticeship graduates are a cadre of dedicated and knowledgeable environmental leaders. Your support directly enables individuals to study on Kibbutz Lotan and then skillfully implement their knowledge for the benefit of humans and nature around the world.

Nature and Migratory Bird Reserve

Kibbutz Lotan has dedicated over two decades into conservation work by establishing and maintaining safe havens for local and migratory wildlife.  Your support benefits both the wildlife that depends on these pesticide free habitats for food and water as well as the human visitors who come to view and learn about their role in protecting these critically important desert ecosystems.

Eco Campus

The Kibbutz Lotan Eco-Campus is both the home of our students and a living laboratory in sustainable living technologies. These prototype buildings are physical expressions of Tikkun Olam – caring for people and nature. They are earthquake proof, super energy efficient while made from natural and renewable materials (earth and straw bales) and powered by photovoltaic solar panels. Our goal is to construct 12 new housing units and a classroom. Your support expands our ability to accept more students and continue our research! 

THANK YOU to Naomi Pryzant, her family and friends for funding one of the EcoCampus buildings as her Bat Mitzvah project.

 READ about her in the news 

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Supporting Kibbutz Lotan and The Center for Creative Ecology

The Friends of Kibbutz Lotan is a registered 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization, EIN 542185078 , which provides financial support for the development of Kibbutz Lotan’s Center for Creative Ecology and its education and outreach programs. Contribution can be made on this website, via DAF Direct, via ARZA

[Gifts to support a specific Reform community > Kibbutz Lotan] or by check made out to Friends of Kibbutz Lotan,

c/o Dr. Louise Mayo, 5545 Forbes Ave. Unit I, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA.

 Your support and engagement is greatly appreciated as together we work in

Tikkun Olam – Transforming the way that we engage with our World. 

Should you have any queries regarding donations please contact Rabbi Daniel Burstyn at