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Eco-Kef / Eco-Fun

Our ‘Eco-Kef’ is a paradise in the heart of the desert

Our ‘Eco-Kef’ is a paradise in the heart of the desert. Kibbutz members with a passion for ecology transformed desert land into a green Eden. Through the principles of permaculture, organics, recycling and natural building the ‘Eco Kef’ showcases vegetable and fruit gardens, water filtration reed beds, compost toilets, ‘green buildings’ and our famous ‘Tea House’. The solar powered Tea House caters for private groups (booking in advance required) and serves tasty snacks, as well as a range of beverages and desserts. Above all you can enjoy the shade under the trees and admire the ‘Eco Kids Playground’ which uses recycled materials and old rubbish to create dragons, turtles, cars and games.

The Solar Tea House is an excellent example of unique desert architecture. It offers private groups a place in nature to eat (advanced booking required). Serving local catering, the Solar Tea House is a quiet place to relax and enjoy a herbal tea. In addition, the building can also be used for workshops or as a meeting place. 
Kibbutz Lotan Tea House

Ecological Playground

In the heart of a shaded green garden is a magical and unique playground. It was built by the students at the Center for Creative Ecology, to help children get to know the creatures that exist in their imagination. In some of the ‘animals’ there is a “window” where you can see the materials that created them.
a boy sitting on recycled car eco kef playground

Organic Gardens

Built on top of barren desert landscape, the organic gardens have become a sanctuary for healthy and resilient soil. Starting off as sheet-mulched garden beds 20 years ago, the CfCE staff and students over the years have built the soil to be full of life and nutrient rich. Throughout the year, our students grow annual and perennial produce.

container gardening kibbutz lotan

Constructed Wetlands

The water used from the Solar Tea House and the Composting Toilets (from the sinks to wash your hands of course!) is sent through a biological constructed wetland. This water, once having traveled through the wetlands, is used to supply olive and fig trees with clean water

kibbutz lotan constructed wetlands

Composting Toilets

The lavatories located in the Ecokef are composting toilets. The humanure created from these toilets is used as fertilizer for the trees throughout the EcoKef.