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About Kibbutz Lotan

Kibbutz Lotan is an Eco-Jewish intentional, collective community based on a creative approach to egalitarian Judaism and a deep commitment to environmental protection.

An Eco-Jewish community linking the spirit and the earth, educating its children to love and protect the environment, connecting them to their Jewish heritage while adapting tradition to contemporary lifestyles. It is a tight knit and pluralistic community where individuals and families can express their Jewish commitment in manners meaningful to them.​


We, the members of Kibbutz Lotan, have chosen to establish here our home and future. Through our commitment to ‘Am Yisrael, Torat Yisrael, and the State of Israel, we are working and learning together to create a community based on Reform Zionist values and Renewing Judaism.

Renewing Judaism
We work towards creating a progressive expression of Jewish religion and culture in our rituals and our day-to-day life, through mitzvot in our relationships with one another and with God.

Our belief in equality is expressed through direct democracy, equality in the workplace, gender equality, and mutual responsibility.

Economic Cooperation
Together we are responsible for our livelihood and share out resources as an expression of our belief in the strength of communal action.

We strive to fulfill the biblical ideal “to till the earth and preserve it,” in our home, our region, the country, and the world. We are working to create ways to live in harmony with our desert environment.

We aspire to meaningful relationships of openness, communication, and mutual respect with one another.

Right Livelihood
We strive for economic independence, and aim to support ourselves in ways that are in keeping with our values.

Home and Community
Our commitment to our home and community is expressed through cooperative action in work, education, culture, health, and day-to-day life.

Tikun ‘Olam – Repairing the World
We work towards the betterment of ourselves, our people, and the world. Our home is a community of Shlihut, outreach. Our way of life constitutes a message we wish to impart to those who enter our gates and to the circles of society through which we pass.This declaration is a living document which requires of us ongoing involvement and action.

Signed by the members of Kibbutz Lotan, Motzai Simhat Torah, 5758, 23 October, 1997