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Meet Mike

Short video of Mike speaking on the Organic Gardening course


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Welcome to our online education programs which are growing all the time.

Our famous gardening course. No matter where you live in the world you can grow food and in this course we show you how. All our tips and tricks that we have learned over the past twenty years will be given to you alongside our knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Mud Building

Want to learn alternative ways of building? We teach about the wonderful building material called mud! In this course we teach how to build bricks, arches, walls, structures and homes. Learn from our experiences over the years and how you can build your dream home.

Community Building

The Center for Creative Ecology is situated in Kibbutz Lotan in the southern desert of Israel. Living in a Kibbutz is deciding to live in an intentional community. In this course we look at how to build community, maintain healthy communication and support for each other and grow and prosper. We are a member of Ecovillages International and community building is one of our passions.

Permaculture and Ecological Design

Our online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) where we teach the principles of permaculture so that you can create your own green world where everything works together as one system.

What people say about us

Kibbutz lotan echoes the past of Israel and vividly informs of the future! Walking toward work in the organic food gardens at dawn one feels sure of all purpose for good under heaven. There is no stillness like that in the Arava valley desert. To farm there is a very spiritual experience.
Blanche Lenine-cruz
Blanche Lenine-cruz
It would be a shame to come to Israel and not visit Kibbutz Lotan. The Green Apprenticeship sustainable development and permaculture design course greatly influenced my personal and professional growth. Whether you are stopping by for a quick tour or staying for an extended period of time, Kibbutz Lotan is one of the those special places around the world that is a must see!
Joshua Zuckerman
Joshua Zuckerman