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kibbutz lotan entrance

Kibbutz Lotan -
Where Spirit and Earth meet

Kibbutz Lotan is an Eco-Jewish intentional, collective community with a deep commitment to environmental protection.

Situated in the stunning Arava desert, in the south of Israel, we strive for cooperation and a sense of belonging.
Kibbutz Lotan was founded in the spirit of Reform Judaism which promotes equality and tolerance. Since then we have grown and now have members from all around the world. Our income is from our date orchards, dairy and tourism. Our Center for Creative Ecology is world famous for its innovations in organic farming, permaculture, alternative architecture and energy. We welcome you to come and find out more about us.


Established by Kibbutz members, the Center was and is a pioneer for environmental change in Israel. We believe that everyone can be empowered to make better decisions for their community, surrounding nature and the world. We educate on a diverse range of topics to small groups, universities and associations.

Come and learn from us for an hour, a day or a weekend. Check out our famous month long Green Apprentice Program or take part as an Eco Experience volunteer. We also offer online education with our renowned Permaculture course.

Green Apprentice Program

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a man jumps at eco campus libbutz lotan gate

We offer courses online for those of you who wish to bring the spirit of Lotan to your home. Courses include organic gardening, mud building construction and permaculture.

our online courses


Come and experience our famous hour long ‘Eco Tour’. We will teach you about organic food production, permaculture, natural architecture, pioneering projects and our special way to recycle rubbish.  You will take home many practical tips that you can apply to your home and community.  We also offer a wide range of tours on various environmental subjects and we cater for special requests from groups, universities and associations.

working at the garden kibbutz lotan


Come stay in the unique EcoCampus at Kibbutz Lotan.

This special mud dome neighborhood will surely be a memorable part of your desert holiday. The facilities include:

10 mud domes equipped with a double bed (may be split) and extra beds for up to two additional adults or three children.  Shared composting toilets, urinals and showers for the neighborhood. Communal fridge, kitchen and outside dining area. Mud ovens, solar ovens, rocket stoves, biogas and regular gas stove for baking and cooking

Sitting areas under the shade of trees and the best view of the Jordanian mountains in the area.

We offer 24 rooms and an apartment within the Kibbutz. Each room has a private bathroom with shower, a cable T.V. and powerful internet. The rooms also contain a small kitchen with coffee making facilities, fridge, microwave and utensils. The exterior is decorated in our ‘Lotan Style’ mud design and inside the rooms are comfortable with all mod cons. Come and rest with us any time of the year.  

From activities in nature such as hiking, trekking and biking to relaxing in the pool, we have something to suit everyone.  The Eco-Kef playground is a fun place for children to play while the parents relax or wander around the organic gardens. Visitors can avail of our basketball and football court as well as our famous disc golf range. 

pool at kibbutz lotan

Our dining hall can seat 180 people and we offer a diverse menu including vegetarian and vegan. We offer breakfast and lunch during the week and pizza delivery in the evening.  We also invite our guests to our special Friday night Shabbat meal.

Our beautiful Tea House situated in the Eco Kef gardens, caters for groups requests and special events.

Kibbutz Lotan Tea House

Kibbutz Lotan is on the flight pathway for thousands of birds each year that migrate from Europe to Africa and back. Bird watchers come in droves every year to study these winged beauties and we offer tours and lectures on them.

bird (by Frank Moffat)


Since our foundation in 1983, we have grown to the size we are today. We have learned about communication, cooperation, leadership and empowerment. We strive for understanding and tolerance in our small community with a foundation in Reform Judaism and environmentalism.

Work Branches

We support ourselves through our various businesses. We own solar fields, date orchards, a successful dairy, an environmental education institute and tourist facilities and accommodation.

dates lotan

Kibbutz Life

We live, eat and work together at Lotan. Every Friday we offer a Kabbalat Shabbat service in our community hall, the Moadon. Afterwards we have a communal meal in the dining hall in which guests and tourists are invited. We also gather for birthdays, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

kibbutz lotan community wearing white in shavuot

Young adults come to work with us every year in our date orchards, gardens, dairy, tourism and communal kitchen. They quickly become part of the community and leave with warm experiences. We offer accommodation, food and a small stipend.


kibbutz lotan gardening
sunrise dates field kibbutz lotan
2 bee-eaters birds at kibbutz lotan lotan
building geodesic dome at kibbutz lotan
red mushroom stone at Timna Park
2 women making mud bricks
kibbutz lotan from above