Education for Sustainability in Schools

A Practical Teacher Training Workshop on Kibbutz Lotan

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For 20 years the Center for Creative Ecology on Kibbutz Lotan has been at the forefront of developing experiential education for sustainability programming for all ages. Through practical courses, workshops and professional trainings focusing on ecological design techniques, natural building methods, local organic food systems, renewable energy, sustainable waste management and alternative technologies, we aim to serve as a catalyst to inspire, motivate and empower people to build sustainable community and to take creative action for positive change towards social and environmental justice – Tikkun Olam through heart, hands and mind.

Faced with ecological and social challenges of our times such as climate change and food security, we strongly believe that education for sustainability within the school setting is of paramount importance. The most effective way to implement this is through practical, hands-on experiences that (re)connect students to nature, to each other and to their cultural traditions.

The aim of this workshop is to provide teachers with applicable, transferable practical tools that can aid in developing a culturally-informed, place-based, multidisciplinary approach to education for sustainability. Over three days we will combine hands-on workshops with theoretical knowledge and show how these skills can be implemented within the school setting, engaging and empowering students to become agents for positive change within their own communities.

This programme is aimed for groups of minimum 10 participants.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Naveh
Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan,


Meet the Team

Mike Kaplin

Mike has a B.T.E.C (Business and Technical Education Council) Diploma in furniture studies – design/craft, London College of Furniture. He also has an Organic Growers Certificate from the Israeli Organic Organization and Permaculture Design Certificate with teacher/author Graham Bell at Kibbutz Gezer. Mike is the co-founder and director of the Center for Creative Ecology. He is one of the first permaculturists in Israel. He has lead numerous projects and also become an ecological pioneer by building the first recycling center in Israel, as well as constructing buildings from natural materials and advancing the regulations for natural construction in Israel. Mike initiated the building of Lotan's educational eco-park and also created and coordinates the work/study training “Green Apprenticeship” which has provided an in-depth, practical, ecological and communal experience for over 700 students from all over the world.

Alex Cicelsky

Alex is a founding member of Kibbutz Lotan. He grew up in New York State, studied international agriculture at Cornell University's school of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and graduated from the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment with a degree in Soil and Water Sciences and Environmental Quality in Agriculture. During his tenure as Kibbutz Lotan’s Planning Director, Alex coordinated and designed many of the community’s unique buildings and strove to make the conventionally built facilities energy efficient. Alex completed his MSc. at Ben Gurion University's Department of Desert Architecture and Urban Planning / Institutes for Desert Research and has published his research on development of energy efficient building for extreme climates in conjunction with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. He consults in Israel and abroad, and lectures on Permaculture and community planning, sustainable design technologies, passive solar design of energy efficient buildings, and environmental ethics at the CfCE, universities and professional seminars worldwide.

Mark Naveh

Mark holds a BSc from the University of Sydney where he majored in ecology, and supplemented this with an Honours degree in marine ecology from the James Cook University of North Queensland. In 1989 he moved to Israel, joining Kibbutz Lotan in the southern Arava. Mark received a Masters degree in Education for Sustainability from South Bank University of London that included a research project and dissertation entitled “Common Paths: A Jewish-Arab coexistence project between two schools in Israel. A case study in peace education”. Mark served as General Secretary of the kibbutz in the years 2008-11. Since 2000 he has been a senior staff member and director of education in Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology, teaching and facilitating groups of children, youth and adults and developing programming around themes of community and sustainability.

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