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Three Ethics of Permaculture

The difference between other philosophies and the philosophy of permaculture, is that permaculture follows these three ethics:


Earthcare is the care for all living things, animals, plants, water, land and of course the Earth. Being conscious of what we consume and what we return to the Earth as waste is the best way to care for our environment.


Peoplecare is providing for people’s basic needs and promoting self-reliance and responsibility. There are five basic needs for humans and they are:

  • Clean water to drink
  • Clean air to breath
  • Clean earth to grow food
  • Clean shelter (our shelter and living conditions should be clean and non-toxic)
  • Meaningful work and activity


Fairshare is the distribution of labor, information, resources and money among your family and your community while reinvesting the surplus back into the system. It also means to embrace non-material well-being and taking responsibility for what you do consume.


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