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Taboon Oven: Traditional Mud Mass Oven

A traditional taboon oven, sometimes called adobe oven, is a cooking tradition that goes back for centuries that have no less lost it's form or function today.

It’s simple to make and use. It doesn’t have a chimney like more sophisticated ovens. The inside floor of the dome shaped oven is used to also light the fire, heat the oven, and later to bake on.

A taboon oven in the Lotan ecological garden heats up.

The thick mud walls act as thermal mass and soak up the warmth from the hot fire, which is built on the floor of the oven.

building taboon
A taboon oven being built.

The fire is left to burn for half an hour to an hour to charge the inner wall with heat that is stored and slowly released over the following cooking hours after the fire has become embers.

taboon strong bricks
On Lotan, we use mud bricks to build our Adobe style mud ovens.

The oven is normally used first for baking things that need a high temperature like pizza, and as the temperature starts to diminish it becomes perfect for bread making, cakes, and will stay warm till the next morning.

used boon
Maintenance of a well used taboon oven only requires you to mix more mud.

A taboon or adobe oven can be a fun and sustainable addition to a backyard cooking area.


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