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Straw Bale Construction

You can use straw bales as large building blocks to build walls of houses.


They fit together like regular bricks and they provide great insulation. This means a straw bale constructed home slows down the passing of extreme hot summer and cold winter temperatures from going through the walls. That means saving money on heating and cooling and saving fuel or electricity.

dome strawbale
Strawbale is used to build the walls of the mud domes on Lotan's EcoCampus.

Straw is a very ecological material because it is the stalks that are left over from the grains we grow. That means its renewable every year when we grow grains. Its also a relatively easy building method to learn and can save you money on heating and cooling bills.


We love straw bale building also because its fun and everyone can lend a hand. You might want to consider building with straw bales for your next project!


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