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Seed Balls

“Guerilla planting” is a practical and simple way to add life and color to your community with very little effort.

seed balls

A Japanese farmer by the name of Mansuoba Fukuoka first developed this “do nothing” method to sow seeds and help him farm. A seed ball is a mixture all of the necessary ingredients to help seeds grow. Once dry, the seed balls keep the seeds inside viable for up to one year. You can take seed balls with you and throw them anywhere where they will eventually get wet.  Once wet, the seed ball will begin to sprout.

seed balls
Seed balls can be taken with you in a back pack or purse.

Making seed balls is easy and requires only 4 ingredients. You will need clay, compost, water and, of course, seeds. Be sure to use the same measuring cup so as to maintain proper proportions.

Step 1

Mix thoroughly 2 parts water with 5 parts clay. The polar properties of clay acts as the glue that will hold the seed ball together.


Step 2

Add into the mixture 3 parts compost and again, mix thoroughly. The compost gives the seeds their first ‘feed’ of nutrients, the rest will be given by nature.


Step 3

Add into the mixture 1 part seeds and again, mix thoroughly. Using a variety of seeds is a good practice for various reasons including companion planting.


Step 4

Roll the mixture into balls with your hands and place them in the sun to dry. Once dry, throw the seed balls anywhere there is bare earth and will eventually be water. You can also place seed balls in containers for a more modest guerilla garden experience!

Part of the Lotan eco garden is planted using the seed ball technique.


You are responsible for your guerilla garden, never use invasive plant species and plant your seed balls with discretion and respect.



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