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Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture is a philosophy with which to live your life.

Permaculture helps shape the way you think and in result, your actions to produce the most with as little maintenance as possible by working with the natural processes instead of against them.


This drinking water fountain in Lotan's eco garden is a great example of a multiple use principle of permaculture.

The fountain is placed underneath a tree that provides shade for the drinkers. The water from this fountain is used to it's fullest because it serves four uses. The first use comes from the person drinking from the fountain. The second use comes from the birds who drink the water caught in the hollowed out rock. When the water overflows the birdbath, it flows into a tomato patch, it's third use. Finally, the water that sinks below the tomato plant is utilized by the tree.


History of Permaculture - How it started and what it became.

Three Ethics of Permaculture - This chapter is very important to understanding the philosophy of permaculture.

Ten Principles of Permaculture - This chapter offers tips to how you can apply permaculture principles into your life.

A Permaculture Garden - Create a high yeild garden that requires very little maintenance using permaculture techniques!

Thank you to Nitza Bernard for authoring these chapters. Nitza is a Green Apprenticeship Permaculture Design Course graduate.



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