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Introduction to Gardening

You might find that you can get from gardening much more than simply a salad.


Gardening provides you with innumerable health benefits. Besides a constant source of fresh and organic food, gardeners find that “working the land”, as some research has suggested, may act as a type of therapy for the detrimental modern lifestyles of our mechanized and technology-driven society. The field that is researching such topics is called Ecopsychology and many sources agree that we as a society have lost our connection to 'the wild', leading to a deterioration of the human psyche.

Gardening is one way to begin to become closer to nature and repair this damaged psyche. This section discusses a variety of gardening types and techniques, all of which will help you lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Compost - Don't throw away your food scraps, turn them into fresh soil!

Seed Balls - A step by step guide for a creative 'do-nothing' planting technique.

Companion Planting - Learn about the benefits of planting different plants together.

Sowing Seeds in the Garden - Techniques for sowing seeds in your backyard or outdoor garden.

Sowing Seeds Indoors - For people who live in cities or wish to get a head start on the gardening season!

Sheet Mulch - Grow a garden anywhere, even on concrete.

Mulching - Stop weeds before they have a chance to start, among many other benefts of mulch.

Liquid Fertilizer - Increase the quality of your harvest by making your own organic nutrient booster for your plants.

Transplanting - A guide so that you don't lose any plants during a transplant.

Vermicomposting - Use worms to turn your food scraps to fresh, fluffy soil!

Thank you to Leah Zigmond for authoring these chapters. Leah is an educator and gardening expert for Kibbutz Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology.

intro to gardening



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