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Empowering the Individual

You can maintain your individualism even living among many.

Human-scale communities (most intentional communities fall in the range of 50-500 people) allow us to know and be known, to take an active and direct part in decisions, and to see the results of our actions.

Sitting in a circle creates an open forum setting, one where everyone feels equal to speak their mind.

Direct Democracy

A direct democracy allows all individuals of the community to influence and vote on important issues, as opposed to representative democracy in which elected officials make decisions for us.


When people feel as if they can fairly speak their mind, they are more likely to accept decisions that are not in their favor. Many intentional communities employ general consensus in their decision-making process.


The level of interdependence in a community is very high - there is mutual responsibility for the collective well-being, livelihood and culture of the community. Being part of a community means its members hold one another accountable.


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