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Grey Water

Used water that flows down your drains still has value for us and our plants.

Grey water is the name of waste water from the shower, bath, laundry & kitchen sink. Some say the kitchen sink water can be so dirty they don’t categorize it as grey water. So grey water is the waste water from everywhere apart from the flush toilet, this is called black water.

grey water
Students of the Green Apprenticeship program created this grey water system where used water flows from the sink through the grey water system and then into the ground.

Grey water can be reused in the landscape for good use instead of being mixed with the black water and sent to the local sewage treatment plant, where normally fossil fuels are used to clean the dirty water.

grey water
Grey water from the Lotan EcoCampus flows directly to a mulch basin which acts as a natural filter and benefits the date tree.

We believe, like many, to distribute the grey water immediately into the garden (no storage) let it soak into healthy topsoil or ready compost and make sure no person or animal can touch the water flowing from the pipe into that topsoil or compost.

gray water system
The water is used, travels inside the pipes and is put directly in the ground.
There is no human or animal contact with our waste water.

These simple principles are important for our safety when dealing with grey water:

  • No storage of untreated grey water
  • Let grey water flow into healthy topsoil or ready compost as a natural filter system.
  • Make sure there is no possibility of human, animal or insect contact with the untreated grey water



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