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Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are one of the strongest, simplest, easy-to-build structures known in architecture.

on dome

It took the mathematical wizardry and creative determination of 2 designers -- Walter Bauersfeld in Germany in 1922 and inventor R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller in the United States in the 1950's -- to bring domes back into the world of modern construction.

The geodesic dome is efficient because it encloses more space per unit of surface area than any other 3 dimensional shape.

living dome
This living dome serves as an shaded outdoor classroom..

Having less surface area means that the dome require fewer building materials and that they are less likely to be damaged by high winds, rain, or sand storms.

Less surface area also means that there is less wall space through which heat can escape, so domes tend to stay warmer and waste less energy than rectangular buildings. 

Inside a 'dome-atory' made from earth materials on Lotan's EcoCampus.

Triangles are the strongest geometric shape in architecture making geodesic domes among the strongest, most stable built structures that exist. Unlike conventional buildings that grow shakier as they grow taller, domes get stronger and more stable as they get bigger!

Students of the green apprenticeship program on Lotan live on the EcoCampus in domes made from earth materials.

On Lotan we use geodesic domes for shade, “the living dome” meeting places “the papchanga” and housing in our EcoCampus.

The papachanga on Kibbutz Lotan.




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