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Composting Toilets


Turn your poop into 'brown gold' and save water!

Toilets that don’t use water to flush our poop to a far off place to be taken care of. Instead our poop or “Humanure” is dealt with safely on site or close by.

The compost toilets on Lotan look very similar to the traditional toilet, but use no water. Notice the bucket of chopped straw.

You poop into a closed container.  Instead of flushing water you add a cup full of fine dry carbon rich material like sawdust, chopped straw or crushed leaves.

Excrements fall into containers where they will sit for a year and decompose.

You need to maintain the contents of the container by keeping it a little moist and not too dry and your poop will over the span of a year decompose into a rich dark soil called compost.

Brown gold! A finished product that can be used in the garden.

When looking at, smelling, feeling the humanure after a year of decomposing, there will not be any clue of poop, toilet paper or cardboard tube. All that will remain will be a fine dark brown soil, sweet smelling like the forest floor that can be used as fertilizer for our trees and plants.



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