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Communal Living

“Community is a locally understood interdependence of local people, local culture, local economy, and local nature”.

-Wendell Berry Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community, 1992.

Community is the key!

By building community, we can reduce our ecological footprint, overcome alienation, empower ourselves and others for positive action, strengthen our local economy, increase our quality of life, and have fun!

If many of the social and environmental issues that we are facing today can be traced to the breakdown of organic community over the last 200 years, then rebuilding local community is our number one task and the context for creating equitable alternatives that care for both people and the planet.

Rebuilding a local community means:

Buying Local

Ecologically speaking, shopping locally keeps money within the community, cuts down on transportation energy costs, and food is generally fresher and healthier and ethically raised.

Exchange Goods and Services

Not everything needs to cost money. An hour of work is an hour of work no matter how you look at it. See what trades and skills people in your community and exchange yours in return.


Less resources are used, meaning less energy was used to produce and maintain things in our life. Take for instance a backyard pool: the water, chemicals and electricity used to maintain a single pool can be shared by everyone on the block. Sharing this pool would also cut down on how much work is done by the individual to maintain the pool.



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