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Community and the Environment

By building and living in community, we can reduce our ecological footprint substantially.

In the Scottish ecovillage Findhorn, the footprint of the community was measured at 50% the national British average. This figure is the smallest footprint yet measured in any Western population.

community circle
Resources and energy is saved when we share them.

How you can help the environment through community:

  • Demand good recycling programs
  • Communal compost pile
  • Communal garden
  • Once weekly communal potluck dinners
  • Carpool to work/school

Community allows us to pool resources and reduce energy consumption and waste. For example, on Kibbutz Lotan we car-pool and share four vehicles amongst 60 adults. Most of the work-force walk or ride a bicycle to work. Our communal dining room prepares and serves three meals a day for a population of around 200. Ingredients are bought in bulk. An organic garden supplements our food with locally-grown vegetables. Organic waste from the kitchen is collected and composted, non-organics are either collected for recycling or used as material in building projects. Water-saving devices have been installed in all the houses. Efforts are made to reduce electricity use, for example with the installation of solar panels.

An outdoor meal with the community on Kibbutz Lotan.



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