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Cob Building

One of many natural building techniques to consider for your next construction project.

Cob or sometimes called direct shaping uses mud with long straw straight from the bale to make thick walls for building and sculptural elements and furniture.

cob cottage
Cob Cottage by Ian Marcuse. Vancouver, British Colombia. Image courtesy of David Sheen.

It is normally mixed with the feet rather than by hands and also is now being mixed with modern machinery like JCB excavators. The walls are thick and often load bearing meaning that the weight of the roof sits on the walls.

Healing Temple by Sunray Kelly. Harbin Hot Springs, California. Image courtesy of David Sheen.

In Europe there are still thousands of traditional cob buildings standing after good use for hundreds of years.

City Farmer Cob Toolshed. Vancouver, British Columbia. Image courtesy of David Sheen.

The new movement of cob builders have introduced a very sculptural energy to its building including built in furniture.



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