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Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan cuts down on air conditioning costs.

Thermal comfort is a function of the air temperature, the humidity and the speed of the air.  The faster the air is moving, the cooler we feel (it's because moisture on our skin is evaporating, taking heat with it). 

Indoor temperatures can be very comfortable even desert climates like Lotan's.

The lower the temperature of an air conditioner is set, the more electricity is used to reach and maintain that temperature.  Using a fan that increases the movement of air across our body makes the air 'feel' even cooler. Therefore using a ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner allows us to set the temperature a few degrees higher.

Considering that a small air conditioner uses 2000 Watts when it is cooling and a ceiling fan uses less than 100 Watts, the savings of electricity and cost throughout the summer is significant.



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