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Bottled Water vs Water Bottles

Bottled water is perhaps the ultimate example of consumer manipulation. 

Instead of defending the basic right of all humans to a healthy and sufficient supply of water, people choose or are forced to purchase water in disposable bottles. 

bottled water
Image Credit: Story of Stuff Project.

The price paid is often 10,000 times that of tap water. The bottles are a huge environmental burden both because few are recycled and those that are demand energy use for the process.  Transportation of the water bottles in themselves contributes to fossil fuel depletion and green house gas emissions to the atmosphere as well as urban air pollution. 

bottled water
Image Credit: Story of Stuff Project.

Profits made by corporations for sales of bottled water supports their efforts to remove free access to water in many places in the world often abusing poor populations and restricting their rights to free, clean water.


Buy (or reuse) a water bottle.

Choose what kind of water bottle to buy. Think about durability, portability and materials used. Got a bottle en-route to the bin? Use it.

Newer water fountains are helping to make filling your water bottle easy.
This photo was taken in the Chicago O'Hare airport.

You can fill this bottle as many times and wherever there is a tap. Remember it is illegal in most places to deny someone water.

Home water filtration.

Some argue for bottled water because "it tastes better." Whether you believe this or not, there are other solutions to clean, filtered water than buying water in a bottle. You can install a home water filtration system or use counter-top version. You can offer to refill your friend's bottles for free - better yet barter for homemade cookies!



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