The Center for Creative Ecology (CfCE) is part of a world-wide network of individuals and organizations that work for Tikkun Olam – Transforming Our Relationships with our social and physical environments. In our Green Apprenticeship Permaculture Design and Training Certification course we examine a wide variety of ways that our personal responsibility and can serve in improving the conditions of living things, resource availability and pollution control in the world. Many of our partnerships in the network are Green Apprenticeship graduates and former CfCE staff members who have worked with these agencies or have initiated projects, organizations and businesses themselves. We are grateful to all of our colleagues for their work and commitment. Our goal is to enlarge this network – so please contact us as we’re all Shalem V’Ehad – In Unity as One community.

AICAT - the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training. The Center for Creative Ecology is the education center for AICAT where students from developing nations who work in agriculturual enterprises in the Southern Arava come for weekly seminars on agro-ecology, technology and business development.  FACEBOOK

MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation. The Center for Creative Ecology hosts seminars on environmentally sound community based solutions for energy, food and shelter and water. Participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Vietnam, Serbia, Georgia, Kenya, Nicaragua and many more learn about the importance of hands-on education and demonstration centers in both youth education and training of rural farmers. The Building Sustainable Communities: Leadership, Gender and the Environment was a capacity building workshop for women from ten nations in which we highlighted the critical role women have played in our community’s development and how that can be emulated.

AIES Arava Institue for Environmental Studies. The Arava Institute is physically our immediate neighbor and long-time colleagues in environmental education. Students who have studied at both of our institutions recognize the importance of integrating academic study and practical training.  Many of our staff members are Arava graduates and we mentor Arava undergraduate and graduate students in subjects such as ‘development and migratory birds’, ‘natural materials for construction’, ‘energy efficiency of buildings in deserts’ and ‘organic farming in arid climates’.

Aspen TREE (Together Regenerating the Environment through Education) – Founded by Green Apprenticeship graduate Eden Vardy in Aspen Colorodo in 2008, Aspen TREE’s goal is “ to shift the negative tone and guilt-driven action that was pervading the environmental movement, and to provide tools for our community and youth to make it fun to care for our planet and food source.” They do through their farm, animal park, summer camp, community meals and environmental conservation. Make sure to visit them!

Aspen TREE
Aspen TREE

The Anna Lindh Foundation - an inter-governmental institution bringing together civil society and citizens across the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding.

Global Ecovillage Network GEN. Kibbutz Lotan has been a member of GEN-Europe since 2001 and a founding member of GEN-Israel. We received the 2006 European Ecovillage Excellence Award and the Gaia Award for ecovillage initiatives.