Green Apprenticeship

The Green Apprenticeship (GA) is a sustainable development and permaculture design course. The GA trains apprentices to understand and be able to identify and create sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues facing critical industries such as agriculture, water, energy, waste management, construction, and more.

The training incorporates both theoretical knowledge and practical hands on work experience to provide apprentices with the ability to confidently implement ecological design projects upon completion of the course.

 As part of the course, participants live in and help build the Ecological Campus. Additionally, apprentices experience countless opportunities to engage in community life at Kibbutz Lotan, including Friday night dinner with the Kibbutz, Saturday night dinner with Kibbutz families, and opportunities to volunteer in Kibbutz work branches including the cow dairies, date plantations, landscaping and more.


Partner Programs


Combine the Green Apprenticeship as an extension to your Birthright-Taglit trip or academic studies in Israel in conjunction with our MASA Israel Journey Partners (see: grant eligibility):

  • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES The Arava Institute is a leading environmental and academic institution in the Middle East, working to advance cross-border environmental cooperation in the face of political conflict with academic programs accredited by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).

  • Maslul Ishi / I-Track ( ) program for individuals that design an independent experience to get an up-close cultural experience of Israel.

  • Project TEN ( Following completion of your Permaculture sustainable development studies, continue with a 3 months volunteer assignment in the field of International Development with one of Project TEN\'s centers around the world, where you’ll get to learn about the challenges of agriculture in developing countries, together with hands on experience in creating agricultural initiatives and help strengthen local resilience. 

  • CityTree School of Urban Ecology
    CityTree is an ecological home conveniently located in the heart of Tel-Aviv, half an hour from the airport. It is a perfect place to land before taking the trip south to Lotan.
    You can come for a night or two, or alternatively take a full 7- day retreat that will equip you with tools and ideas for sustainable living in the city, and in any ecological community.


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אהבת נעוריי
Coursework includes:

Alternative Technologies

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Grey water and black water systems
  • Composting toilets
  • Biogas

Regenerative Community Development

  • Holistic worldview
  • Group dynamics
  • Reconnecting to nature
  • The global economy and the dilemma of growth
  • Localization and the economics of happiness

Permaculture & Ecological Design

  • Structural engineering for hand built houses
  • Passive solar & energy efficient design
  • Permaculture ethics and principles
  • Design techniques including: zone and sector, input and output analysis, POBREDIM
  • Needs-based design projects 

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Local food production through bio-diverse small scale farming
  • Companion planting, natural pest control 
  • Sheet-mulch, container & square foot gardening
  • Composting: theory & practice
  • Seed saving: theory & practice
  • Transplanting & sowing seeds
  • Weekly gardening and harvesting

Natural Building

  • Earth mix for building projects
  • How to test soil for building
  • Straw bale construction
  • Hands-on building projects using natural and recycled materials

Green Apprenticeship Course Syllabus



Questions? Call us at +972-54-979-9033 or write us


Live in our EcoCampus and experience ecological living

 Room and board (3 meals a day) for the duration of the program.

  • Rooms are equipped with mattresses, pillows, linens, and towels.

  • Shared accommodation (maximum 3 to a dome).

  • Most meals are served in the kibbutz dining room (kosher, separate meat and dairy, vegetarian options available). Please note the EcoCampus is vegetarian, no fish.

Application Process

To apply, please complete the online application and send us supporting documents via email:

 1.  Complete the online application

 2. Scan of the first page of your passport (including your picture).

 3.  C.V. / resume showing where you have studied, worked etc.

 4.  One recommendation letter from an employer, teacher or mentor. 

 5.  A letter or certificate from your doctor stating that you are physically and mentally fit to work and study on kibbutz: in an intensive community setting and a harsh desert climate doing work that is physically strenuous at times.



 The Green Apprenticeship is a holistic program designed to educate fellows from many diverse professional and academic backgrounds from all over the world, including those with little or no relevant experience in sustainability, to Ph.Ds looking to diversity their skills and capacities. No prior knowledge is required to participate in the course.

 Green Apprenticeship Course Dates:

19 June 2017 - 18 July 2017 (Course in English)

7 August - 5 September 2017 (Course in English & Hebrew)

4 December 2017 – 2 January 2018 (Course in English)

14 January 2018 – 9 February 2018 (Course in English & Hebrew)

26 February – 27 March 2018 (Course in English)

9 April – 8 May 2018 (Course in English)

14 May – 12 June 2018 (Course in English)

18 June – 17 July 2018 (Course in English)


 $2,030USD  including full board and program

$300 USD deposit due upon acceptance

Come together and receive a  discount – two or more people that register together receive a 5% discount each.

What our graduates say:
  • I cannot recommend this course enough! Life changing experience. Lotan is a very magical and mystical place and this extra special course will teach you...
    how to build your home using natural materials, so it's insulated and ventilated by nature (yes really!)
    how to build communities
    all about organic farming
    how to permaculture your life like a boss
    And so much more. You get to live in the most incredible neighbourhood made entirely from mud and solar powered, cook using biogas and solar cookers/mud ovens in the middle of nowhere, eat organic and delicious veggies grown there, do weird and amazing shit like make a smoothie or do your laundry using a bike and learn with people who also believe that Mother Nature deserves our respect and the current system is fucked up!! Really though, you meet some amazing people.
    Best of all, you get to learn from these absolute legends Mike Kaplin Adam Lindenfox Alex Cicelsky Mark Millstone Naveh who work tirelessly to spread this crucial information to the world
    **if you are Jewish and not living in Israel you probably can do the course for free with Masa so check it out!**
    And also, the mountains here turn all colours of the pastel rainbow at sunset. Boom. Magical.

    Ida Tamar Raphael
    Ida Tamar Raphael
  • “I took this program and it is one of the most memorable experiences of my life! The community is filled with great people and it was a very fun atmosphere to learn. Particularly special if you connect with Tikun Olam. I miss Israel, eat a pita for me.”

    Ori Mike Kalmus
    Ori Mike Kalmus
    Lafayette University, now Actor, Los Angeles, USA
  • “I have received a treasure box filled with tools and keys. The time in Lotan made me believe again that one can change on a large scale as long as you 'just do it' and don't get trapped in the fear of making mistakes.”

    Merav Carmi
    Merav Carmi
    Founder Yesh Meain Permaculture Farm, Moshav Nahalal, Israel
  • "My hope is that we can have enough farms to supply a good amount of food to the county and these plots would also act as educational facilities to reconnect people to the land on which they walk. Just after the Green Apprenticeship I found just the type of project I was looking for and even better, it is happening in my hometown backyard! None of this work I am doing could have come about without the help of Kibbutz Lotan. I owe them so much credit and hard work, for the knowledge and experiences that were offered to me in the Green Apprenticeship program. My time at Lotan completely opened my eyes to the reality of the human situation on this planet and offered many solutions to help make our lives, and future generations, more compatible with the world in which we live.”

    Andy Sahn
    Andy Sahn
    worked at Huasna Valley Farm CA and Camp Hill Farm NY.- Founder of Earthen Home Natural Building, Tennessee USA -
  • “In a lot of ways, my learning journey and career pathway was shaped by my experience on Kibbutz Lotan and in the Green Apprenticeship. I vividly remember the quote presented to us to sum up what Permaculture is all about: "putting the common back into sense". After three months of intense immersion in practical Earth Regeneration on the Kibbutz, I felt confident to recycle the concepts I learned, and give birth to "Common Sense" Regeneration Project. Yes, the kibbutz crew gave me immeasurable confidence and skills to make a salary doing what I care about, but what pushed me the furthest was Mike Kaplan's final words of advice: "just fu*&$in do it!".”

    Eden Vardy
    Eden Vardy
    Founder of Aspen T.R.E.E. Education Farm Colorado USA -
  • "I realized how disconnected I am from my surroundings. It's hard to be environmental if we’re not aware of the elements that make up the environment. I know now that my original plan to build the Unity Ecovillage Center in two months is not wise. The elders of the communities around us hold great wisdom and experience in earth brick building. This project will now take two years and I know how to use that time too serve and learn from the land and the people.
    On a typical day I am working side-by-side with about 45 people from our village. We are molding mud bricks, weaving thatch roofs, planting and harvesting tropical fruit, molding cob dwellings, digging rainwater storage reservoirs, and celebrating." – Isaac Hirt-Manheimer is a drummer with a MA in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University. He is the Founder of the Unity Ecovillage cultural immersion and service learning campus, Ghana.

    Isaac Hirt-Manheimer
    Isaac Hirt-Manheimer
    Founder of the Unity Ecovillage cultural immersion and service learning campus, Ghana. -
  • “I learned from the GA how to see problems as solutions, and that environmental justice and social justice go hand in hand. I use what I have learned to live a more sustainable life." – Dr. Rachel Sandler Silva, MD, studied at Grinnell College and Medicine at the University of Iowa. She was a medical clown with Dr. Patch Adams’ Gesundheit Institute bringing mirth and health services to folk in need in South America.

    Dr. Rachel Sandler Silva
    Dr. Rachel Sandler Silva