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We invite you to join us on one of our Education Programs.

Green Apprenticeship: 

4 week Permaculture Design and Training Course.

The Green Apprenticeship (GA) is a 4 week intensive course which combines hands-on training in sustainable development together with Permaculture Design Certification. The GA trains apprentices so that they can design, create and manage sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues such as organic food supply, water harvesting and treatment, renewable energy, waste management, construction with natural materials, and more.

As part of the course, participants live in and help build the Ecological Campus. Additionally, apprentices experience countless opportunities to engage in community life at Kibbutz Lotan including weekly celebrations, and opportunities to tour in the beautiful Eilat region’s desert and tropical coral reef.

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Eco-Experience participants join our staff in our daily hands-on work, which can include organic gardening, building with mud or maintaining our Nature Reserve, and receive introductory lessons in Permaculture practices and technologies.

Eco-Experience offers a you a hands-on opportunity to discover the process involved with the design, building and management of sustainable communities. Come for just one week, or stay as long as you choose. 


Practical skills are developed through working with the CfCE  in our tasks and projects which can include organic gardening, natural building projects, landscaping and maintaining the Lotan Nature and Migratory Bird Reserve. Work experience is complemented by theoretical lessons including introductions to ecological design, renewable energy, organic gardening, permaculture and sustainability.

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Practical Workshops:

 Local Food Production, Natural Building, Sustainable Community, Alternative Technologies specifically tailored to your university, school,youth movement, community group or family



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