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Nestled in the heart of the Arava Valley . . .

 Kibbutz Lotan is 51 kilometers north of Eilat and can be reached by car, bus, or flight.  


  • There are regular buses from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.  Kibbutz Lotan is about 300 kilometers away from either Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem.

  • The bus ride lasts approximately 4 hours from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and 2 1/2 hours from Be’er Sheva. The bus route to Eilat is via the Arava Valley road, servicing mostly kibbutzim and moshavim.  

  • There are two breaks along the way for refreshments and toilets. Tickets can be purchased from Egged.

  • When booking your ticket to Lotan, ask to depart the bus at Kibbutz Lotan Junction.  


  • We recommend an alternative road (#40) via the Ramon Crater. The circuit is one of Israel's nicest, offering dramatic desert sceneries. The road is new and comfortable.  


  • Fly to Eilat from Tel Aviv and then take a bus or taxi to Lotan. There are two airline companies flying to Eilat: Arkia and Isra-Air. Needless to say, competition has made flights to Eilat more affordable. When booking your flight from outside Israel, check for connecting flights to Eilat from Ben Gurion Airport.