Take a tour at Kibbutz Lotan’s Center for Creative Ecology where you can see first-hand pioneering ecological projects, latest ecological solutions for climate change, sustainable living in extreme desert conditions. Our tour will take you to Israel’s first recycling area that became a model for community waste management, the Eco-Campus a prototype neighborhood for sustainable living, and the Eco-Kef ecological education park, which includes a kids playground built from recycled materials and earth plaster, geodesic domes, work shop areas, composting toilets, constructed wetland prototypes and an ecological farm.

Kibbutz Lotan is also a spot well-known by bird watchers from all around the world.  During the migration season the kibbutz and the organic gardens are visited by a wide variety of species. We can provide bird watching tours around Lotan and the southern Arava region during the migration season (March – May, Oct – Nov).

Groups can book workshops focussing on natural building or organic food production, hiking and biking tours in the surrounding region and have delicious lunches at our vegetarian Solar Tea House.

We are looking forward to hosting you on Lotan and showing you our internationally recognized work.

To book a tour or workshop with us please call +972-54-9799030 or email .


What you will receive from the Eco-Experience:

  • Hands-on work and skill development in organic gardening, natural sustainable building projects, green architecture, landscaping, and maintaining the Eco-Campus, Eco-Park and the Nature and Migratory Bird Reserve
  • Depending on the dates you come, possibility of attending enviromental studies and enviromental training theoretical lessons on ecological design, renewable energy, organic gardening, permaculture, and sustainability
  • Participation in the cultural events of the Kibbutz and the region
  • Full access to all the facilities of the Kibbutz (tea house, dining room, pool during season, football pitch, basketball pitch, pub)
  • Guided tours and excursions are available to surrounding attractions: Jerusalem, Petra, Eilat, Scuba Diving, the Underwater Observatory, Timna Park, bird watching, desert hikes, and tour of the Arava.

Practical Hands On Workshops

(Hands on workshops can be from two to four hours, depending on depth required)

Introduction to Earth-Building

• Earth mix for bricks and walls
• Principles and practices
• Taboon ovens
• Aesthetic earth sculpting

Advanced Earth-Building

  • Making a simple project using recycled materials

Geodesic Domes

  • Structures of the future

The Magic of Compost

  • Making rich soil from food scraps

Team Building

  • Group dynamics and communication with activities

Green Energy Efficiency Building

  • Building design and construction for energy efficiency
  •  Straw bale construction and energy efficiency

Alternative Technologies

  • Composting toilets
  •  Solar ovens
  •  Wastewater treatment
  •  Rocket stoves
  • Biogas prototype system

The Magic of Compost

  • Sheet-mulch gardens
  •  Potting and planting
  •  Container gardening
  •  Seed balls
  •  Seasonal harvesting
  •  Moringa superfood

Organic Garden

 The Organic Market Garden is a field for farming training and for experiencing nature. The challenge: imagine planting vegetables on the beach. Organic farmers know the critical importance of healthy, insect- and microbe-filled soil but none instructed us how to turn sand into soil. All of our community’s organic waste is composted and amazingly it is everything that the plants need to thrive.
Since 1996 we’ve searched for varieties of vegetables and herbs from around the world that would thrive in a previously untested combination of the climate of the Arava desert, the salty irrigation water, the local predators and the lack of inputs of industrial fertilizers or protection from insecticides or herbicides.
A desert oasis is an amazing place and this garden, tended with lots of hours of love and hard work, is exceptionally beautiful. The sand has now become soil with the fragrance of a forest after the rain, and digging up a handful, you can watch the “creature[s] that creep on the ground” (Genesis 1:25). Sitting under the grape vine, you are surrounded by fig trees, mulberry, guava, olives, figs, dates, kale, chard, and lettuces; orange, yellow, and red tomatoes; eggplant, broccoli, and cauliflower. Nestled inside the soil are blue, white and sweet potatoes, onions and garlic. Butterflies and bees alight on edible flowers, sage, rosemary, basil, sweet and Sinai mint. A Garden of Eden and school for learning how to grow food Everywhere on Earth.


Rent a Dome


If you are like to spend some time in these signature architecture energy efficient, mud domes and lived in our Eco Campus experience sustainable living and have fun you can rent a dome. 



For more information, please contact:

Kibbutz Lotan Desert Inn