Maya Shyveitch, USA, GA68 February 2020

The Green Apprenticeship completely reshaped how I see myself in context of the world at large - both the impact I make and the potential I as an individual have to make positive change.

Zach Lynn, USA, GA68 February 2020

The Green Apprenticeship reconnected me with the Earth. Thank you for one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend that month any other way.

Adam Perez, Canada, GA66 November 2019

Amazing community of peers, passionate and kind teachers, new approach to looking at this world and new direction moving forward. No words can properly describe my gratitude and appreciation for this experience. I will forever remember my days at Lotan. This course feels like a tipping point. Forever grateful.

Jonathan Ben Ami, Israel, GA66 November 2019

The Green Apprenticeship is a must course for everyone on this earth. I think it is the basics of living and the biggest strength is the distribution of this knowledge. The community and the place of living is also a huge strength. Thank you so much for the amazing work you guys are doing. Your education is changing the world and I really appreciate it.

Annabell Hoffmann, Germany, GA66 November 2019

The Green Apprenticeship opened me the doors to the world of sustainability. It definitely expanded my horizons and inspired me for my future decision and career. I honor the true human scale relationships we experienced, where spirituality makes everyday a special day and the lessons exciting. The way of teaching with an enormous motivation and passion to share knowledge makes the course what it is! Amazing.

Udi Ringart, Israel, GA66 November 2019

The strength of the Green Apprenticeship is professionalism to a very high degree when it comes to transferring the material taught, and the support of lecturers and their availability during the project. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers of the course. Each one of you is a precious person and you are wonderfully knowledgeable!!! Thank you thank you thank you waiting to meet you and consult with you on projects that I will take part in in the future. I feel I gave myself a gift. Perhaps the most impactful thing for me on the course was the group and the people in it who simply poured love in every way and knew how to help push when it was difficult and to be there for each other. In addition, I was exposed to concepts and themes that fascinated me insanely!!! I enjoyed it so much.

Rowena Bashforth, UK, GA66 November 2019

I got to learn through experience, I got to live somewhere both beautiful, functional and fulfilling. I learnt everything I wanted to learn and more! I met an amazing group of people, and inspiring teachers. I felt totally content, like I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It was worthwhile for the cultural experience, for the fact that I got to play football in our breaks, the food we cooked, the views, the project we did. There isn’t any part of this month that wasn’t of worth for me. It really was one of the best months of my life, and it made me realize how much living in community with similar minded people means to me.

Ariel Walden, USA, GA64 June 2019

This course was more than I ever could have hoped for. Not only did I get to learn things I expected to be helpful like building with mud and permaculture gardening. This course reinforced and gave me new tools for truly designing based on your environment. Not only did I learn the analog methods to measure sun and contours, but you also reinforced the importance of observing and designing for the culture, climate, and other site/ stake holder specific factors. I think all individuals in architecture/ design disciplines should come to Lotan to take this course, our built environments be better for it. This course truly inspired me to focus on observation in future projects. Not only did the Green Apprenticeship teach me new things about design, but they also taught me that it's okay to accept help from others and not do it all yourself. By the time I left the GA I found a new sense of trust in community. I learned that with the right people, if you trust in them you can rely on them, and it's better when you work together. Lastly, I found a love for mud at Lotan, and it is going to be my new favorite art medium, thank you so much for fulfilling my dream to leave a piece of me behind for you by adding to your mud sculptures.


Cláudia Ferreira, Portugal, GA63 March 2019


It’s a life experience! The Green Apprenticeship taught me a perspective of looking to things, it was not just about teaching techniques but teaching us how to think consciously, observing the space with the mindset of the things we have been learning during the course. It also makes me feel with the capacity to build whatever I desire if I really dedicate myself. The fact that we are trying and practicing the techniques while learning made me realize that the tasks are doable (before I would think that it is too hard and complex for me). I feel super grateful for this month with you. Sharing knowledge and experiences and getting to know new people, ideas and perspectives. It was a pleasure to learn from you, because you teach with such passion that gave us inspiration. I'm also very thankful for your availability in helping us whatever our questions are and for gathering so much support material for us to keep on learning.


Madi Holtzman, USA, GA60 November 2018


The course really confirmed that I want to shape the entire fabric of my life around ecological principles. I am either going to start a social enterprise infused with permaculture principles, or find an existing project with people working on land restoration - either way, the course confirmed that permaculture is the philosophy I want to shape my life around and hopefully share with others. I will either start an organization that pairs food recovery with growing food and education/job training in an urban environment, or find aligned people in the early stages of a farm project that intends to heal damaged land and build community by living permaculture values and truly aiming to reduce dependence on external, non-sustainable systems. Huge gratitude!