The Green Apprenticeship

An intensive and inclusive one month practical training course for hands-on capacity building in natural construction, organic local food production, appropriate technologies, waste management, ecological design and community living.

Eco Experience

Become part of the Center for Creative Ecology team in this work and learning experience, helping in natural construction projects, organic gardening and maintenance of the Eco-Park. Flexible dates.

Capacity Building 

At the Center for Creative Ecology we strongly believe that the experience we have gained over the years can provide important capacity building skills and sustainable solutions to non-industrialized nations, particularly in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa where the development of low-tech decentralized systems that can raise quality of life are of paramount importance. This workshop delves into some of the methods and techniques that can be employed at low cost and that require minimal equipment that have the potential for increasing food security, improving sanitation and preserving water resources.

Building Sustainable Communities 

Our belief is that the major challenge of our times is the establishment and strengthening of sustainable communities, since it is through community that we can provide the framework for developing sustainable solutions and create new and relevant models for human living. The aim of this workshop is to engage with some of the community building skills and sustainability theory and practice that can provide important tools to organizations, associations, government bodies and universities for building sustainable communities to create a better world for future generations.

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Building Sustainable Jewish Communities

This workshop, designed especially for community, youth and synagogue groups, aims to provide an introduction to the concept of sustainability from a modern Jewish perspective, to cultivate the development of a living and relevant Jewish environmental ethic, and to supply practical tools for initiating sustainability projects at a community level. Participants will leave with a strengthened Jewish identity, empowered with concepts and tools as agents for change in their home communities.

Sustainable Leadership

Join us for a week-long, community-based sustainable leadership program that examines the fundamental question “What kind of leadership do we need in order to create the kind of world we want?” This program is intensive and highly experiential yet practical, offering both hands-on experience in the Lotan cutting-edge sustainable development program, full engagement in community activities, as well as training in the latest transformational leadership skills and practices.

Education for Sustainability in Schools

The aim of this workshop is to provide teachers and educators with applicable, transferable practical tools that can aid in developing a culturally-informed, place-based, multidisciplinary approach to education for sustainability. Over three days we will combine hands-on workshops with theoretical knowledge and show how these skills can be implemented within the school setting, engaging and empowering students to become agents for positive change within their own communities.